Haldi Chandan Facepack

Haldi Chandan Facepack (Natural and Zerowaste)


Coffee Oats Facepack (Natural, Zerowaste and Vegan)

Coffee Oats Facepack
Herbal Facepack

Herbal Facepack (Vegan and Zerowaste)


Herbal Facepack (Vegan and Zerowaste)


With growing exposure to pollution and dirt, our skin anxiety has also increased. We all stressed by the pollution, dirt, dust our skin faces regularly. To treat that acne, we have gathered potent herbs including neem, Amla, Mulethi and much more.

Skin benefits you can look upto:

  • Treats acne
  • Deeply cleanses Pores
  • Removes Whiteheads and Blackheads
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Directions to Use:

  1. Take a small quantity of Facepack (approximately 1 tsp).
  2. Mix it with curd/milk/honey. Make a smooth paste
  3. Keep it for 9-12 mins (basically till it dries)
  4. Wash it off gently with water

Pro Tip: If you feel dry after removing , add coconut oil or glycerin to your paste next time.

Product Details

Net Weight: 75g

Shelf Life: 24months

Packaging Details

The product is packed in reusable glass jars so that you can reuse it and we can play our role in saving our nature.

Ways in which you can reuse the jar

  1. Use it to store your kitchen essentials or some Jewellery
  2. Refill it with other Kooh Products
  3. Make beautiful DIYs
  4. Use it to grow your succulents
  5. You can also send us back the empty jars


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