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Sustainability is the building block of Indian Culture. Our Culture has always taught us to take care of our Dharti Maa. We at KOOH aim to amalgamate the modern lifestyle with our traditional Indian Culture to help our society live a healthier, happier and a sustainable lifestyle.

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Our Story?​

It started with a Chaos...

Surbhi Bhansali, founder of Kooh believes

“Our fast lives and increasing greed to consume more has not only proved to be harmful for the planet but also for us. We are consuming without being conscious of what impact our current lifestyle is causing.”

Found calmness in Nature...

In the pursuit of finding balance and calmness in life. ” I came closer to nature . Nature gave me peace. The very experience of self- calmness kindled a spark to help others experience the same and start my entrepreneurial journey. “

Experimented with Selfcare and Meditation

Simultaneously, ” I was to adapting a conscious and zero-waste living. Soon started exploring and experimenting ways in which I can cut down on waste generated. In no time, I can visibly see how simple it is to cut down some extra products in life. How easy it is to withdraw chaos from life. Thus, I strongly believe it is a lifestyle which drives the real change in the society. “

It was a point in my life where I wanted to say STOP and work seriously on solving the problem.

Kooh was Born…

Let’s together make #Koohcommunity stronger, better and happier. Let’s be there for our planet, for US! There isn’t a full-stop because the story has just begun!

Our Mission?

Let’s face it, we can only care for our planet only if we are kind .At Kooh we constantly take a people-centric approach to revive ancient selfcare methods to our current lifestyle. Kooh, aims to bring a paradigm shift to our current lifestyle and stop to understand what really matters! It We strive constantly to bring happiness to your lifestyle.

We are Serious about?

1.We ethically source the best quality ingredients.

We put in efforts to source ingredients that are organic, local and chemical free. It goes without saying we absolutely love animals and thus none of our products are animal tested.


2. All our products are proudly ‘Made in India!”

Inspired from traditional skincare recipes of our ancestors. Kooh proudly stands out there to be a Sustainable Lifestyle Brand

3. Single use plastic is our Enemy!

We know you hate single use plastic, so do we! All our products are packed in reusable and recyclable containers. We use waste cloth, papers , corrugated boxes, etc, basically everything which can be digested by our earth.

4. Its Handmade with Love ♥

All our products are handmade in small batches to ensure the freshness of the product. Expect slight variations in the products as naturally harvested ingredients tend to vary from crop to crop and batch to batch. But, be assured the quality of Kooh’s products remains the same!

Why choose us?


Handmade with love




Healthier. Happier. Sustainable.


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